Username – firstname.surname.xxxx

Your username in is firstname.surname.xxxx (where xxxx is your membership number) eg john.smith.1234. Your membership number is on your smart card or the invoice you received in 2020.

Still can’t login…..

    • Remember your username is not your email address and you can only get a password reminder with your username which is firstname.surname.xxxx
    • Your username/password would have been emailed to you in 2 separate emails if you were a member on 2 July 2019 or near the day you joined if after this date.
    • Please check your spam/junk/promotions folder for emails from and add this email address to your contacts.
    • You can reset password once you input a valid username such as john.smith.1234 on
    • Avoid internet explorer to login when booking as IE is sometimes not supported.
    • If you use yahoo as an email address you may be delayed/not receive emails.
    • If it still doesn’t work email and we will reset your password during office hours.

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