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Junior Group Coaching January – March 2024

Junior Group Coaching
January – March Term 2024
Ages 5-16
New 9 week term starting the week of Monday 8th January

1. All groups and times remain the same as the September – December 2023 term. Online booking & payment for children who attended last term is now open. Booking is through the “coaching tab” on your smart club account. *

2. Waiting List: If there are any free coaching places available for the new January – March 2024 term, these will be offered to children on the waiting list after Sunday 14th January.

3. Non-Members: Booking for Junior Group coaching is open to junior members only. Non-members can register their interest in joining group coaching by texting the player’s name and age to 0858675860 (Alan). If we can offer a coaching place, we will contact you by phone as soon as a place becomes available. If offered a coaching place, non-members must sign up for junior membership to complete the booking. 

Places: There are 32 places available for each time slot. Groups will be split into groups of 8,6, or 4 children per coach according to age and ability.

Information and Terms & Conditions
Click here for more information and Junior Group Coaching Terms & Conditions

Coaching Group options:
Children Born 2017, 2018, 2019
: Monday 3-4pm, Tuesday 3-4pm, Wednesday 3-4pm, Thursday 3-4pm, Friday 3-4pm, Saturday 9.45am-10.45am, Saturday 12-1pm
Children Born 2015, 2016: Monday 3-4pm, Monday 4-5pm Tuesday 3-4pm, Tuesday 4-5pm Wednesday 3-4pm, Wednesday 4-5pm, Thursday 3-4pm, Thursday 4-5pm, Friday 3-4pm, Friday 4-5pm, Saturday 9.45-10.45am, Saturday 12-1pm, Saturday 1-2pm
Children Born 2013, 2014: Monday 4-5pm, Monday 5-6pm, Tuesday 4-5pm, Tuesday 5-6pm, Wednesday 4-5pm, Wednesday 5-6pm, Thursday 4-5pm, Thursday 5-6pm,  Friday 4-5pm, Friday 5-6pm, Saturday 12-1pm, Saturday 1-2pm, Saturday 2-3pm
Children Born 2012: Monday 5-6pm, Tuesday 5-6pm, Wednesday 5-6pm, Thursday 5-6pm, Friday 5-6pm, Saturday 1-2pm, Saturday 2-3pm
Children Born 2011: Monday 5-6pm, Monday 6-7pm Tuesday 5-6pm, Tuesday 6-7pm Wednesday 5-6pm, Wednesday 6-7pm, Thursday 5-6pm, Thursday 6-7pm, Friday 5-6pm, Friday 6-7pm, Saturday 1-2pm, Saturday 2-3pm
Children Born 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Monday 6-7pm, Tuesday 6-7pm, Wednesday 6-7pm, Thursday 6-7pm, Friday 6-7pm, Saturday 2-3pm

Groups: Small Groups of Max 8 players per coach

Progressive Tennis: G.L.T.C uses Red, Orange, Green & Yellow tennis balls on the most appropriate size court to maximize your child’s development and to help players learn to Serve, Rally & Score from an early age.

Fees: €100 (9 week term) Sibling discount applies to the second child and over. Discount will be automatically applied when booking through smart club.