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Ladies Spring Doubles Final Groups 2020  – Ladies Spring Doubles – choose your own partner and play 3 competitive matches this February! Text Ailish on 0872380265 with your name and your partner’s name and your standard/class by Sunday February 2 to sign up. You will be put into a group of 4 teams of similar standard and have 3 matches – one a week during February.  The groups will be put together and ready to go by Tues 4 February. Entry €5 and pay for your own lights for matches, Depending on entries some groups may have 5 pairings so you will have 4 matches. If you don’t have a partner we will do our best to match you up with someone of similar standard but no guarantees!

Here’s how it works – like Chick league except you choose your partner:

  • To help sort groups please class you and your partner as one of the following – a beginner,  improver, non-league and then league standard which is from class 7 to class 1 with class 1 being the highest.   
  • 3 or 4 matches – play one match a week – agree a weekend/evening default time or agree a default time that suits the group or rearrange during the week
  • Entry €5 which goes towards prizes for each group (you pay for your own lights if you play in the evening).
  • Matches are best of 3 sets however the third set if its one set all isn’t a set – it’s a  championship tiebreak – ie normal tiebreak rules apply but the first to 10 to win by two points wins the set
  • You get a point for each set you win as a pair – so max 2 points per match or you could get 1 point if you get a set or no points if you don’t win a set.
  • This event is not really designed for getting SUBS so if you’re away in Feb and tend to rely on subs you shouldn’t play.
  • Captain named in each group to keep the group on top of things, collect funds and scores should be updated on the noticeboard.
  • All matches to be played by Friday 28 February.

How to take part

  • Sign up on the club noticeboard or text your name to Ailish 0872380265 by Sunday February 2 and I will slot you into a group of 4 (or 5 if we’ve an overflow) of similar standard. I will base this on information you have provided, leagues and discussion with captains past and present.
  • Ailish/your captain will collect the €5 over the next few weeks or you can leave into the office – your group funds will go towards prizes for your group!
  • Play and enjoy – it’s a great opportunity to keep you playing a little competitively!

Any questions please contact Ailish 0872380265