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5 June – In response to the Government’s announcement re easing of restrictions, Tennis Ireland have issued the following update. Unfortunately not much change for Monday 8 June (except everyone in County Wicklow can travel to our club) and they are asking for patience until they get clarification from Sport Ireland. The below guidelines are in place until such time as TI issues an update.

Who can play tennis at Greystones LTC during phase 2?

  • Only members – sorry no guests or family who are not Greystones LTC members for now.
  • A member who (1) has booked a court online (2) has not been advised to self-isolate/cocoon, (2) has not been abroad within 14 days (3) is not displaying covid19 symptoms or been around someone with Covid 19 symptoms for 14 days.
  • Under 16s with a parent/guardian present and 16-18s during off peak hours.
  • Those that live within 20 km from the club (as the crow flies) or who live in County Wicklow.

Do not come to the club if you are not playing or supervising. We thank you for being a member but unfortunately it is not appropriate to hang out at the club currently.

Full details on the Tennis Ireland Phase 2 protocols are available on the clicks below.

Guidance for Clubs_Phase 2

Guidance for Players_Phase 2

Guidance for Coaches_Phase 2

What can you play?

  • Singles
  • Household doubles (either 1 household or 2 households with each household forming a pairing).

You must book – how do you book?

  • Login to smartclubcloud.com using your username and follow the “bookings” icon which links to CM365, the court booking system.
  • Your username in smartclubcloud.com is firstname.surname.xxxx (where xxxx is your membership number) eg john.smith.1234. Your membership number is on your smart card or the invoice you received in 2020. Having trouble logging in – check out our troubleshooting page on the website.
  • Choose bookings – this will bring you to clubmanager365.com and book from there. Watch this video on the new booking system – link to the video

Booking rules

  • Courts 1 – 12 (in 1-hour slots) and the hitting wall (45-minute slots) are available for booking with a 15-minute gap between bookings from 9am.
  • Court 3 will be used for coaching and should be the last court you book if others are available.
  • All member names whether singles or household doubles must be entered to allow for contact tracing at the time of booking. If you change your opposition, you must update your booking. If your booking is incorrect when you come to play you will be sent home.
  • You can only have one booking on a day. If you are a named player in a booking, this counts as a booking.
  • Bookings can be taken up a week in advance and up to the start time. This may be subject to change.
  • Cancel if you cannot play, in good time. Courts are at a premium.
  • If you change your opposition you must update your booking otherwise you will be sent home. This information is required for contact tracing.
  • Juniors under 18 only before 17.30pm Monday to Sunday.


  • Limited summer camps for members only will be available from Monday 15 June. Details to follow.
  • Limited coaching with Alan Russell and Therese Ryan is available. This can be 1/1, one household or with 2 individuals on opposite sides of the net (coach not on court) from Tues – Sunday 9 – 4pm.
  • 1/1 Coaching with Alan must be booked and paid for in advance online through our website, greystonesltc.ie then contact Alan on coaching@greystonesltc.ie and on (087) 2225298, agree a time with him he will book your session on court 3. One hour’s coaching costs €40. This will count as one of your playing hours.
  • Coaching with Therese is available by contacting her directly.

Tennis balls available to buy

  • Tennis balls are available to buy online through our website greystonesltc.ie As there is no access to the clubhouse and contactless payment is the only option, collection is only available from the following day via the court supervisor.

Before you arrive please….

  1. Have your tennis balls marked to distinguish them from anyone else’s tennis balls.
  2. Ideally bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it.
  3. Come solely to the club (unless you are a household unit or supervising an under 16 player) in your playing gear – you won’t be able to change at the club.
  4. Wash your hands. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

When at the club….

  1. Always observe social distancing – in the car park, on the court, entering and leaving court i.e. everywhere.
  2. Sanitize your hands using one of the dispensers near the court before and after play.
  3. Go to the court you have booked at your allotted time. One-way entry to courts in operation. See map.
  4. Be sensible – wait in your car if you are early and know what court you are on.
  5. If you are “supervising” your children – only 1 adult per child or 1 parent may supervise two children. Supervision is either on the court or stay in your car. Do not congregate with other parents in the club grounds.
  6. Do not touch anything that is not your racket or your tennis balls – that means the fence, the poles, the gates, the signs, the net, your opposition, and their equipment etc.
  7. Only go to the clubhouse if you need to go to the toilet or put on floodlights. The lobby and toilets are open but changing rooms and all other areas including upstairs are closed. Again avoid touching anything if you are in the clubhouse.
  8. Remind others gently if you witness poor practices taking place.
  9. Repeated poor practice should be reported to covid19@greystonesltc.ie and the Club reserves the right to take further action such as limiting your ability to book a court and/or membership suspension.
  10. Be polite and respectful to the court supervisors. They are there to do a job and ensure that the club complies with Tennis Ireland guidelines and remains open. They may ask you:
    1. to confirm your identity and membership,
    2. to confirm the names on the booking and on the court,
    3. to be mindful of social distancing and good practice,
    4. to comply with these rules,
    5. to go to court now, to leave etc.

When you play tennis…..

  1. Use two sets of clearly marked tennis balls when you play. Only use your own tennis balls when you serve and do not touch your opponent’s tennis balls.
  2. Use only your foot or racket to send another person’s tennis balls back to them – whether this is your opponent or another court.
  3. Do not share food, towels, drinks or other equipment with people outside your household.
  4. Observe social distancing – remain apart during change of ends and from other courts.
  5. No handshakes or high 5s.
  6. Enjoy your game!
  7. Respect everyone else’s time. Finish promptly at your allotted time to allow sufficient gap for the next players to enjoy tennis.

After you play…

  1. Sanitize your hands.
  2. Go home promptly – we know you like to mingle but it is not within the guidelines from TI.
  3. It is advisable to clean your equipment after use and spray your tennis balls with disinfectant.
  4. If you become unwell after playing, contact your GP/HSE and then inform the club by emailing covid19@greystonesltc.ie. We will contact the HSE and undertake contact tracing through our booking system.

Failure to comply…

Failure to comply with these guidelines, repeated poor practice or failure to observe an instruction from a club supervisor will be noted and the Club may suspend you from booking courts and reserves the right to take further action in relation to your membership.

Adherence to these guidelines will ensure we can keep the club open.  Please ensure you are also familiar with Tennis Ireland (TI) guidelines for players. These will be amended along with Government guidelines as the weeks progress.

While these new protocols may seem overly restrictive, Tennis Ireland has stressed the importance of safety for all while playing tennis and using tennis facilities and therefore the Committee would be grateful for your compliance with these measures.

We are all in this together and we look forward to the time when these rules will be no longer required but, in the meantime, keeping all our members safe and well is our priority.

The Covid 19 Committee

  • Conor Woods – Club Manager and Chair of this Committee – manager@greystonesltc.ie
  • Alan Russell – Covid 19 Officer & Head Coach – coaching@greystonesltc.ie
  • Linda Dillane – Club Administrator  -admin@greystonesltc.ie
  • Ailish Byrne – Club Chair – chair@greystonesltc.ie