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Ladies – its Chick League time! Text Ailish on 0872380265 with your name and your standard by Monday 28 October if you want to sign up. You are playing for yourself in this doubles competition so no need for a partner! The groups will be put together and ready to start on Monday 4 November. Its a great chance to have some friendly competitive games with some friends or a chance to meet some new tennis buddies. Last year we had 72 women taking part so let’s beat that!!

Here’s how it works:

  • 8 people in a group of similar standard will play doubles with each other over the duration of the competition. To help sort groups please class yourself as one of the following – a beginner,  improver, non-league and then league standard which is from class 7 to class 1 with class 1 being the highest.   chickens-playing-tennis2
  • 5 matches – you will get a different partner each week and you should also not meet anyone in the group more than twice as your opposition (start play w/c 4 November!)
  • 5 weeks to play so one match a week – we will suggest a weekend/evening default time or agree a default time that suits the group or rearrange during the week
  • Entry €5 which goes towards prizes for each group
  • Matches are best of 3 sets however the third set if its one set all isn’t a set – it’s a  championship tiebreak – ie normal tiebreak rules apply but the first to 10 to win by two points wins the set
  • You get a point for each set you win and count your own score – so max 2 points per match or you could get 1 point if you get a set or no points if you don’t win a set.
  • You can get a sub and they score points for you – not themselves.
  • Captain named in each group to keep the group on top of things, collect funds and keep track of scores
  • All matches to be played by 6/7 December – prizes are usually presented at the Ladies Christmas party.

How to take part

  • Sign up on the club noticeboard or text your name to Ailish 0872380265 by Monday 28 October and I will slot you into a group of 8 of similar standard. I will base this on information you have provided, leagues and discussion with captains past and present.
  • If you have a ready made group text the names of your group (and a group name!)
  • Games start 4 November but as time is needed to organise groups, you need to enter by cob on Monday 28 October!!
  • Pairings will be named for each match each week
  • Ailish/your captain will collect the €5 over the next few weeks or you can leave into the office – your group funds will go towards prizes for your group!
  • Play and enjoy – it’s a great opportunity to try out different partners or play different games!

Any questions please contact Ailish 0872380265