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  1. Woods, ConorName: Conor Woods
  2. Nick Name: Woodsie
  3. Random Fact: Can’t believe I’m a grandad
  4. Favourite Food: Gin And Tonic
  5. Favourite Music: Katie Melua
  6. Favourite pastime: Tennis
  7. What are your skills: Footfaulting







  1. Flynn, NiallName: Niall Flynn     
  2. Nick Name: Flynner
  3. Random Fact: Appeared on Murphy’s Micro Quiz M many years ago!
  4. Favourite Food: Thai or Mexican
  5. Favourite Music: Alternative – Arcade Fire, Pixies, Future Islands etc
  6. Favourite pastime: Watching sport – rugby, football. Music – listening to, not playing.
  7. What are your skills? Minimal.  Clearly nothing which is part of the Kube!




  1. Mowatt, Robert Name: Robert Mowatt
  2.  Nick Name: Bobby
  3. Random Fact: Went on rugby tour with car and house keys in my pocket waving bye bye to wife and kids in club car pk..(no mobile phones then !!)
  4. Favourite Food: ltalian
  5. Favourite Music: 70’s Van Morrison/Paul Simon etc
  6. Favourite pastime: Rugby/ Tennis/ Travel.etc
  7. What are your skills? Insurance professional..DIY..numerous..






  1. Cruikshank, RoryName — Rory Cruickshank
  2. Nick Name — Daffy
  3. Random Fact — Given the nickname daffy for having a lisp in school. Just like the great Daffy Duck
  4. Favourite Food — Anything on a plate at any given time.
  5. Favourite Music — Everything that is not heavy metal.
  6. Favourite pastime — Eating and not listening to heavy metal.
  7. What are your skills? — Eating and not listening to heavy metal?





  1. Wogan, RickyName – Ricky Wogan
  2. Nick Name –
  3. Random Fact – 5 toes touch the ground
  4. Favourite Food – Carbonara (no mushroom)
  5. Favourite Music –
  6. Favourite pastime – Knitting
  7. What are your skills?- being vague








  1. McKnight, PaulName: Paul mc knight
  2. Nick: Toddy
  3. Random Fact: One of 8 solicitors in the family
  4. Favourite Food: Thai green chicken curry
  5. Favourite Music: The police
  6. Favourite pastime: Any sport
  7. What are your skills? Used to be any sport I played but now it is the ability to listen, narrow the issues and arrive at a solution





  1. Allen, CatherineName – Catherine Allen
  2. Nick Name – Cat
  3. Random Fact – Scared of spiders!!
  4. Favourite Food – Rich Tea Biscuits
  5. Favourite Music – The Boss
  6. Favourite pastime – Tennis (of course!!)
  7. What are your skills? – World Class Tennis player and outstanding at the Kube Games!







  1. Hazelton, TimName: Tim Hazelton
  2. Nick Name: The Colonel
  3. Random Fact: Played against the All Blacks – we lost
  4. Favourite Food: Pasta
  5. Favourite Music: Anything by Sinatra – guess its an age thing!!
  6. Favourite pastime: Golf – badly
  7. What are your skills? Didn’t know I had any and certainly won’t show any tonight but should beat both Susan Hayes & Conor Woods!!!!






  • O'Sullivan, DonalName: Donal O’Sullivan
  • Nick Name: Donaldo
  • Random Fact: Almost drowned in shallow end of swimming pool in Cyprus (aged 28 and sober!)
  • Favourite Food: Raspberry Jam
  • Favourite Music: My Own
  • Favourite pastime: Annoying Lotte
  • What are your skills? Can play ukulele, very good at filling dishwasher, have ability to nap anywhere/anytime.