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The over 35s has been fully scheduled now. In order to facilitate completion of the schedule please check your matches here on Tournament software.

So you’re participating – GREAT – what next!

  1. Please be familiar with your game times. Please check your matches here
  2. Contact your partner, your opposition to check they have seen the schedule.
  3. Play at your designated time, enjoy your match and make this a tournament to remember!
  4. Have a drink after in the bar – get to know people – watch some great close games. It’s always an interesting to spectate.  The over 35s is the best (non team) social tournament in the club for adults. Its a great chance to get to know people and have some really great close games especially in the doubles as its designed for pairs to be as even as possible.


  • full deucesClub manager find a contact
  • two sets and a champ tiebreak to decide the third if necessary. A champ tiebreak is first to 10 and win by 2.

Finding member contact details

  1. Login to smart club cloud
  2. Go to bookings (aka club manager)
  3. Go to my services – choose my dashboard from the drop down
  4. Search the name about half way down the page for anyone ….

Self-enter results

Tournament results can be entered directly online by participants. Here’s how you do it…


The Bar is Open  for the tournament

As this is very social tournament the bar will be open this week  – from 8pm tonight Sunday and Tuesday – Friday for players/supporters to avail of refreshments!

Pay online.. if not paid already 

  1. You should have received an invoice if you haven’t paid yet by email
  2. Login to www.smartclubcloud.com
  3. Choose events
  4. You should see your event waiting to be paid
  5. Pay by credit card

Re-arranging your match?…. you can… BUT BIG WARNING


  1. The tournament organiser is not organising any rearranged match – it is all up to you!!
  2. You risk being disqualified if you are the one that cancels
  3. Your opposition is not obliged to agree and you HAVE TO play by the next scheduled match or else see above
  4. Chances are there are no courts available esp in evenings (they are chocabloc with this tournament and regular games )
  5. You have to pay for your own lights
  6. you need to contact Ted so he can free the court for others to use 0870501938

The Finals night – Sat 2nd April – Buffet dinner – buy on SMART

This promises to be a great night with lovely food – great competition and great spectating if you don’t make the final.

  1. Buffet supper organised. Delicious food by Susie Kenny,.
  2. Buy ticket on smart club cloud. Available in events.
  3. €5 for participants in the overs 35s and €10 for non-participants.
  4. Places are limited to 70 so don’t delay buy your tickets today.