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Howdy Folks, here are the teams for our exciting Olympic Competition which starts on Friday and firstly,  a reminder of The Rules and NO COMPLAINING, it’s only a fun tournament!!!

Enjoy the tennis, fun and BBQ, may the best team win!!!!

Nicola, Lisa and Kathy

GLTC Official Olympic Organising Committee (GLTCOOOC)


Olympic Rules


Level A and B:

–         Play doubles – best of 9 games, 9th game a tiebreak

–         Followed by mixed doubles – best of 9 games, 9th game a tiebreak


Level C:

–         Play ladies doubles – first team to 11 games

–         If both teams are 10-10, 11th game is a tiebreak



–         You are responsible for organising your own sub

–         Your sub must be of a similar level to you


Bonus Points:

–         If your team does not use any subs for a match, the team will be awarded 2 bonus points!


If you have any questions please contact

Nicola – 086 868 3305 or Lisa – 086 158 2772


And the Teams!!!!!! (Wow, how exciting!!!!)




Level Team Wozniacki


Team Nadal


A Celine Marmion

Pauline Shortt

Damien Purcell

Eugene McCooey

Catherine Daly

Susie Kenny

Nick Cahill

Donal O’Sullivan

B Lotte O’Sullivan

Bernie Ni Ogain

Declan Malley

Barry Aherne

Caroline Walsh

Jo Ormond

Kevin Hughes

Sam Fleming

C Martha O’Byrne

Rachel Kearon

Mary Jane O’Brien

Louise Brightling

Level Team Williams


Team Murray

Great Britain

A Therese Ryan

Lisa Murphy

Michael Quinn

Ken Moore

Kathy Scott

Jenny Scott

Chris Quinn

Marcus Naylor

B Maureen Hamill

Betty Barker

Patrick Butler

Matthew Foster

Diane Cahill

Cecily Dawson

Mark Robinson

Tomaz Juszczak

C Camilla Robinson

Joie Fay

Sylvia Nolan

Aoife Murphy