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We are now accepting entries for the ladies doubles box league and we plan for the first round to start the week of the 24th August. This internal competition is a great way to practice, improve your tennis, meet new members and have some fun.

How do I enter?

Click here to sign up to box leagues online before Friday 14th August. If you don’t have a partner, enter anyway and we will try and match you up with someone of similar standard. There are no guarantees though.  This is a free league and there is no cost to enter.

New members – in order to help sort groups please class yourself and your partner as one of the following – Beginner, Improver, Non-league then League standard from Class 7 to Class 1 with Class 1 being the highest.

Do I need a partner?

You can choose your own partner but if you don’t have one we will do our best to find you one of similar standard

What is a box league?

You and your partner will be arranged in boxes of 4 pairings of similar standard. The box league runs for 4 weeks with 3 matches to play against the other pairings in the box. Arrange your own matches.

Box league matches will take the form of a pro-set (ie: first to 8 games, winning by 2) with a regular tie-break at 7-7. Games are full games.

We will use the Club Manager system to run the boxes. Once logged in you will be able to see your current standings and enter results from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The winners must input the results immediately after the match. The system is very easy to use and once you’re logged in you can easily switch between boxes and other facilities such as court bookings, or the user dashboard that the system offers

We hope to run the leagues throughout the year with movement up and down between the boxes depending on results. In general this means the pairing with the highest points in the box move up, 2 remain in the box and the 4th pairing with the lowest points moves down (except for those in the very top and bottom leagues) .That means for most there should be 2 new sets of opponents in the next box league. You can withdraw from the box league if it doesn’t suit you.

The scoring system:

Box league matches will take the form of a pro-set (ie: first to 8 games, winning by 2) with a regular tie-break at 7-7. Games are full games. Box standings will be by the points accumulated. Points are given for both playing games as well as for winning them. Points are awarded as follows (this is subject to confirmation from Club Manager that this scoring system is possible):

  • 8/0 (winner gets 20, loser 4)
  • 8/1 (winner gets 19, loser 5)
  • 8/2 (winner gets 18, loser 6)
  • 8/3 (winner gets 17, loser 7)
  • 8/4 (winner gets 16, loser 8)
  • 8/5 (winner gets 15, loser 9)
  • 8/6 (winner gets 14, loser 10)
  • 8/7 (winner gets 13, loser 11).


Any questions or for further information please contact Fiona 087 0501937.