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WELLyou-club-needs-you2 DONE AND THANK YOU !


As you are aware a brilliant Job was done cleaning up the courts last Sunday despite the cold.  The true measure of how good a job was done, was seen on Monday Night last,  when at one stage all 12 courts were in use.  Thank you all once again.

However we still need to clean up the path along the side of all the courts, we have a petrol pressure cleaner and need lots of hose pipes to reach the back of the courts.

Next Saturday @ 11.30 is HOSE PIPE SATURDAY we just need to borrow your hose pipe for the day. we will provide all the fittings required to join them up and connect them to the water tap under the balcony. If you cannot make it down but can lend a hose pipe bring it to the club during the week and we look after it with TLC. We still need able bodied members to operate the pressure cleaner so we  hope to see some new faces and some familiar faces on the day.   Please don’t be shy, come along and see what being a member of this great club is all about!

GLTC Committee