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Friday 21st October

The Great White Debate


Members, as you all know, we have an on-going discussion regarding what clothes are permitted on court. We are therefore going to embark on a very unique idea….democracy!

So here is the rough plan:


  • Have a fun debate, chaired by ….the Chairman…where members can voice their opinions on 3 motions regarding on-court attire.
  • The “Motions” are being collated at present and we will be looking for volunteers to speak for each one as well as for comments from the floor.
  • At the end of the night we will have a vote, to gauge opinion.
  • If a motion to change the current rules is passed after the debate the Committee will bring forward an official motion to change the rules at the next AGM. (This motion would have to be passed in accordance with the club constitution.)
  • The general idea of the evening is to have some fun and also to allow members to express their opinions on club rules.
  • In the meantime we would ask members to respect current club rules by wearing the correct clothing when on court. There are a few breaches at the moment which annoys those who adhere to rules. If you wear non-conforming clothing expect to be gently reminded about it!

Here is a perfect example of current rule….

ladies league

And one option…

Man Serving Tennis BallAnd another
summer league

Let the people decide!!!!!!!!!!!!