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Final clock

Tennis Marathon 24 hour tennis Time Sheet

What to do and rules:

1. Arrive ten/fifteen minutes before your time.
2. Put envelope with your sponsorship money in office letter box (Include your name!)
3. Take “selfie” of your group at Sheena’s clock and send to Sheena at gogarty@eircom.net,
4. If you need to warm up do in on another court or at practice wall.
5. Make sure to take over play from what ever slot you got, so 1st Male will replace 1st Male player on court, 2nd Female will replace 2nd Female on court and so on.
6. Get out on court at your allocated time and continue from whatever point the match is at. (0-40, 30-30 whatever)
7. Keep scoreboard up to date. (In games)
8. Keep playing until next group is in place.
9. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

7pm – 8pm Friday 3rd – 1st M: 13.ROBERT MOWETT 1st F: 20.VAL FARRAR 2nd M: 11.WOLFGANG 2nd F: 18.CATHERINE ALLEN

8pm – 9pm Friday 3rd – 1st M: 10. TIM HAZELTON 1st F: 25.JEAN VALENTINE 2nd M: 31. ADAM WADE 2nd F: 28. DEIRDRE KEYES

9pm – 10pm Friday 3rd – 1st M: 1. MARK ROBINSON 1st F: 9. EIMER DIAMOND 2nd M: 6. CATHAL FITZGERALD 2nd F: 26. THABI

10pm – 11pm Friday 3rd – 1st M: 24. TOM SHELLY 1st F: 16. MAUREEN HANRAHAN 2nd M: 17. JOHN CALLAN 2nd F: 24. ANNE QUGLEY

11pm – 12 midnight Saturday 3rd – 1st M: 2. DONAL O’SULLIVAN 1st F: 6. FIONA HEATING (NIAMH) 2nd M: 22. ED WOGAN 2nd F: 1. SHEENA GOGARTY

12 midnight – 1am Saturday 3rd – 1st M: 4. DARA CLANCY 1st F: 10. FIONA KEATING 2nd M:  21. ROBERT TIERNEY  2nd F: 29. GER GILSON

1am – 2am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 33. DONAL O’SULLIVAN 1st F: 12. ANJA GRUPE 2nd M: 8. MICHAEL QUINN 2nd F: 17. RIA CUSACK

2am – 3am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 3. PAT MOONEY 1st F: 3. DOREEN O’REILLY 2nd M: 29. ALLYN WADE 2nd F: 19. JILLIAN TOBIN

3am – 4am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 23. HEBER O FARRELL 1st F: 7. SUSIE KENNY 2nd M: 15. PETER SPIEDE 2nd F: 2. ROBYN CONWAY

4am – 5am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 12. NICK CAHILL 1st F: 15. PAULINE CLEARY 2nd M: 13. ROBERT MOWATT 2nd F: 13. CATHY SORADHAN

5 am – 6am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 19. ODHRAN O SULLIVAN 1st F: 4. THERESE RYAN 2nd M: 16. FRANK MARMION 2nd F: 14. LISA LUCEY

6am – 7am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 18. RORY CRUICKSANK 1st F: 5. LOTTE O’SULLIVAN 2nd M: 5. FRANK MALONE 2nd F: 27. EMMA O’BRIEN

7am – 8am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 7. ROB MOONEY 1st F: 22. NICKY BROOKS 2nd M: 20. DERMOT FITZSIMONS 2nd F: 23. SUSAN HAYES

8am – 9am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 31.JOHN NELSON 1st F: 8. MARIE MC COOEY 2nd M:28. DAVID HARMAN2nd F: 21. CAROLINE WALSH

9am – 10am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 9. CONOR WOODS 1st F: 11. WENDY LEE 2nd M: 26. BRYAN O HIGGINS 2nd F: 36. SHELIA LAMASEY

10am – 11am Saturday 4th – 1st M: 27. DERMOT BEIRNE 1st F: 40.VAL FARRAR. 2nd M: 34. EUGENE MC COOEY 2nd F: 42 LAURA NAIDOO

11am -12 midday Saturday 4th – 1st M: 47.CATHAL SHORTT  1st F: 37.  NIAMH HANRAHAN  2nd M:37. MAX HOMAN    2nd F: 38.ELLA CURTIS

12 midday – 1pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 38. PHILP BRIGHTLING 1st F: 30. SHEENA GOGARTY    2nd M:44. ALVIN GUNNING 2nd F: 34. CATHERINE DALY

1pm – 2pm Saturday 4th – 1st- 1st M: 46. MARK O’HALON 1st F: 41. LOTTE O’SULLIVAN  2nd M: 32. CATHAL FITZGERALDS 2nd F: 43 FIONA KEATING

2pm – 3pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 45.  PAUL MC KNIGHT  1st F: 39. EMILY MC KNIGHT 2nd M:39. ISABELLE PARENT     2nd F: 35. ISABELLE LEAHY

3pm – 4pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 43. DERMOT FITZSIMONS 1st F: 49. JENNY SCOTT  2nd 25. DONAL O’SULLIVAN  2nd F:47. JACKIE READE

4pm – 5pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 36. VAGIF ALIYEV   1st F: 32. JENNY SCOTT   2nd M:42.  ADAM WADE    2nd F: 48.CARLA KEENAN

5pm – 6pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 40. JOHN LEAHY 1st F: 45. KATHY SCOTT  2nd M:48. CIARAN HANRAHAN  2nd F: 33. CATHERINE ALLEN

6pm – 7pm Saturday 4th – 1st M: 35. ODHRAN O’SULLIVAN 1st F: 31.LAURA FITZGERALD 2nd M:41. RORY CRUICKSANK 2nd F: 44. ANNA BOWTEL