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  1. Tierney, RobName Rob Tierney
  2. Nick Name: Tierney or T-Dog
  3. Random Fact: I support Middlesbrough F.C.
  4. Favourite Food: Any food I cook myself
  5. Favourite Music: depends on my mood
  6. Favourite pastime: any sporting activity
  7. What are your skills?: Not tennis anyway







  1. Ryan, ThereseName: Thérèse Ryan
  2. Nick Name: The Pocket Rocket
  3. Random Fact: Stunt woman in Pierce Brosnan’s ‘The Courier
  4. Favourite Food: Anything expensive
  5. Favourite Music: Loud
  6. Favourite pastime: Leaping tall buildings in a single bound
  7. What are your skills? Time travel, invisibility & telekinesis






  1. Hayes, SusanName: Susan Hayes
  2. Nick Name: Cocker (long time ago!)
  3. Random Fact: Starred along side Matthew McConaughey In Reign of Fire!
  4. Favourite Food: Jelly Beans
  5. Favourite Music: The Beach Boys
  6. Favourite pastime: Gardening
  7. What are your skills?: Makes rather good Chocolate Chip Cookies





  1. Hayes, StephenName: Stephen Hayes
  2. Nick Name: Hayeser
  3. Random Fact: International baseball player….
  4. Favourite Food: Rasberries
  5. Favourite Music: ACDC
  6. Favourite pastime: Woodwork
  7. What are your skills? Good with his hands!!