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VW3D+Claim_de_4CLBecome a Patron for this years Sinnott Autos South Leinster Junior Tennis Open.

The tournament will take place on the 11th -18th of July. All donations received by our main sponsors are greatly appreciated, but as you can imagine, the cost of running this event is huge. This is why we need added financial assistance and where you come in as a valued member of Greystones Lawn tennis Club.

 What do we mean by becoming a Patron? 

This year with a donation of 30 Euro your name will be displayed on the clubhouse notice board. With your support we hope that the tournament will continue to be one of the most enjoyable weeks on the junior tennis circuit.


For donation forms please see attached document. Please return to down stairs office post box.


The closing date is Friday the 3rd of July.

Thank you for your continued support.

Alan Russell and Sara Rose Shelly