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Coaching for men and ladies commencing October 2020

Our tennis coaching attracts beginners, returners and improver adult tennis players. Its a fun and welcoming class and a great way get into tennis and generally improve your fitness and tennis. Best of all you’ll have an immediate group of fellow players to arrange games with.

Dates and times (we will skip one week for mid-term) – information as at 1 Oct

  • LADIES CLASSES – other classes fully booked
  • Tuesdays –  – Beginners/improvers Ladies 7-8pm  (starts Tues 6 Oct) – 2 spaces left
  • Mondays 7 – 8pm Mens Improvers 2/3 (Starts Monday 5 October) – 4 spaces left
  • Saturdays 9 – 10am Mens Beginners/Improvers (starts Sat 10 Oct) – 6 spaces left
  • Nearer the coaching start date you will be invited to join a whats app group which your coach will use to contact you.


1) Beginners – for those who are new to tennis or who haven’t played much before or want to go beyond watching tennis at Wimbledon once a year! You probably haven’t done one of our coaching courses before or if you have you haven’t been playing long and feel you’d benefit from doing the course again to gain more confidence before moving to the next level and playing some matches.

2) Improvers 1 – for those who have done our beginners course and have been playing a few months. You might have played before regularly (though not necessarily at a competitive level) and are coming back. You want to improve your tennis strokes so that you are comfortable playing socially and the odd competitive match.

2) Improvers 2 – for those who are play tennis regularly for about 6 months. You probably have done our coaching courses before at beginner/improver 1 level. You might have played before and are back playing tennis. You have played some club competitions such as chick league and may have entered the championships.

3) Improvers 3 – if you’ve been playing about a year on a regular basis and have completed a couple of coaching courses with us at beginner/improver level. Or you might have played at a good level before as a younger player and you’re interested in being competitive again. You are looking to improve your game and play more competitively.

Classes available commencing first week in October for members of Greystones LTC. 6 weeks for €40. Classes of 8 people. Bookings will open online on Saturday 26 September at 9am on www.smartclubcloud.com

If you wish to discuss please call the office on 01-2876505 on Monday, Wed, Thursdays 9-1pm.

Non members


  • Once you join you should get two emails from admin@smartclubsolutions.com. Please check your spam/junk/promotions folder if you can’t find your login details. The first email ID gives your user ID which is firstname.surname.xxxx (where xxxx is your membership number) eg john.smith.1234. The second is your temporary password which you can then change.
  • Please do not use internet explorer to login when booking or you may have problems as IE is sometimes not supported.
  • Are you using your login ID? It is not your email. It is firstname.surname.xxxx (where xxxx is your membership number) eg john.smith.1234.
  • If you use yahoo as an email address you may be delayed/not receive emails.
  • If this does not resolve your issues please contact Linda in the office admin@greystonesltc.ie and 01 – 2876505 during office hours.