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The Club Dress Code

Predominantly white tennis top, socks and shoes.
White or blue shorts/skirts/3/4 lengths/tracksuit bottoms are permitted provided they are designed and manufactured as tennis attire and worn with a predominantly white tennis top.

Infringement of the dress code should be reported to the office administrator who shall send a note of reminder to the offender.
A second infringement of the dress code shall be followed by a two week suspension and a €25 fine payable to charity.

Juniors: The same dress code applies to juniors as to seniors with the exception that juniors engaged in social tennis may wear any predominantly white t-shirt.

In club competitions or when representing the club, juniors must abide by the same dress code as seniors.
“Predominantly” means greater than 85%. The club dress code excludes the wearing of any football tops and togs, basketball tops and shorts or any other articles of clothing that have not been designed as tennis attire.

All members of the club are expected to abide by the dress code when playing in Greystones or when representing the club in other tournaments or leagues.


A full range of mens, ladies and junior club attire will be available shortly through our online store, which will be on display in the club very soon