Are you a white, green, blue, red or black?

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Looking for someone of similar standard to play with?

GREYSTONES LTC has come up with a new player ranking system to make finding someone to play with easier!

What's your tennis level - white, green, blue, red, black

What’s your tennis level – white, green, blue, red, black

It also helps us organise coaching and competitions making sure everyone enjoys their tennis.

Of course rankings aren’t fixed and people can move up and down colours over time – this is just to help you/us get started. The plan is to add this information to our database and share it with other members too. This along with our tennis forum should make finding a game much easier. Forum information to come soon.


White – players who are just starting to play and who are in the very early stages of developing tennis skills. May not understand scoring or when balls are in/out. (STARTER)

Green – players who have played before but not regularly or who have been out of the game a long time. Have a basic understanding of the game, can sustain a short rally with some groundstrokes but movement and control is not yet achieved. Needs on court experience to develop strokes, consistency and court positioning.  (BEGINNER)

Blue – regular players who can be fairly consistent when hitting slow or medium paced shots, but are not yet comfortable with all strokes. Lacks control with harder paced shots, need better direction and more power. Also needs to develop court coverage, techniques/tactics and teamwork in doubles.  (RECREATIONAL)

Red – club players who play regularly and may play matches on lower league teams. Can rally competently with directional control and understand the different strokes and when it is appropriate to use them. Has some success using lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys.  Can be aggressive but needs to develop better game plans, patterns of play and learn to ‘build’ points. (INTERMEDIATE)

Black – club players playing regular matches in higher league teams. Have good footwork and can control depth of shot on both forehand and backhand strokes with accuracy. Knows when to use shots such as slice and lobs. Has variety and consistency on serve and can put away volleys and smashes. Can hit winners and force errors. Can vary game plan according to opponents but may need to develop particular shots, more game tactics and patterns of play. (ADVANCED)

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